Large in the Nordic region small on Earth

In Sweden and the other Nordic countries, pallet collars are used in different types of goods distribution. 

They are well aware of how they are used and what benefits they have in comparison with other packaging. 

This knowledge is not available everywhere, and in most countries it is not familiar with the concept of a pallet collar. 

For those of you who want to know more, we provide below information about the advantages of this packaging system, but first a presentation of Skruvia and where we come into the picture.

A Swedish invention

The pallet collar is a Swedish invention originally developed by Swedish industry during the 50 and 60 centuries. 

It is still mainly in the Nordic countries they are used, but slowly and safely spread the practice over the world.

Advantages of pallet Collars:


Only wood and iron are used in manufacturing. It provides a very affordable product. 

Pallet collars circulate between different companies and are used several times. If the correct hinges are used, the timber has the right thickness and is of good quality, the life span can be 15 years. 

The optimum is that the receiver of the pallet collators use them for their own transports. If this is not the case, they can be folded, placed in large numbers on a pallet and returned to the sender. Low volume provides inexpensive return shipping. 

By choosing whole or half pallet and only as many collars as required, good transport economy is achieved when you do not use more packaging than necessary.

Transport protection and ergonomics

Through its construction with 20 mm thick wood and iron hinges, the packaging becomes strong and dense. The content is protected and kept in place. 

The pallet collar is a relatively light packaging in comparison with Tex. Ferric cages or other containers. 

Pallet collars Work ergonomically well when loading and unloading parts, as the height changes in line with the need.


The material is environmentally friendly and has a very low impact on natural resources as the collages are used for many years. In addition, a worn-out pallet collar can be absorbed into its components and fired or melted down. 

By stacking pallets with collars, the load compartment of the trucks can be used efficiently. It is also fast to load. 

The low weight and that the collar on the return can be folded together makes transport efficient and thus reduces fuel consumption on the means of transport used. 


The same packaging can be used from the shipper packing the goods, during transport, on the warehouse and out to final customers. 

This makes handling effective, safe and reduces the risk of damage and wastage.