Streamlined production

Our knowledgeable personnel ensure our hinges and fittings are delivered on time and with the right quality.

Orders and deliveries

Our aim is always to maintain a high level of service with short delivery times, something our customers have come to appreciate.

Material handling

We mainly use materials on reels. Apart from the painted fittings, there is no subsequent surface finishing.

Painted products

Our range includes painted hinges and fittings. Three standard colours are always in stock.


The operators on each machine carry out regular inspections, thus reducing the risk of faulty fittings.

Service and maintenance

Machines and tools are maintained by personnel from our tool department. Should the unexpected occur, they always ensure down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

Administration and sales

Personnel at Skruvia work very independently. Sales and administration is located in Skruv.

Stock management

It is not the size of the stock that matters, but the rate of turnover. Our production is primarily governed by customer orders and only a few products are permanently kept in stock.

Special products

Long hinges and fittings and specially designed products are among our specialities.


We have a high rate of production, so our tools need to be well serviced and maintained.

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