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Skruvia is a world leader in the manufacture of pallet collar hinges and fittings.
We specialise exclusively in this area and offer a wide range of galvanised and painted fittings.

Big in the Nordic region, small globally

In Sweden and the other Nordic countries, pallet collars have long been used in various kinds of product distribution.

In this part of the world we are familiar with how they are used, and are well aware of their advantages over other kinds of packaging.

This kind of knowledge is not found everywhere, in fact most countries have never even heard of pallet collars.

If you would like to know more we have outlined the benefits of this packing system below, after a presentation of Skruvia and our place in the process.


At Skruvia we make hinges and fittings only – we do not make pallet collars. However we specialise exclusively in hinges and fittings, and are proud to say we are now the world’s biggest producer in this field.

Business concept

Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality fittings quickly and efficiently by maintaining high delivery capacity.

The fittings shall be of consistently high quality, and shall fulfil the demands of automated assembly lines as well as other requirements.

We shall stock a wide range of different hinges and fittings in different colours and surface finishes.
A Swedish invention
The pallet collar is a Swedish invention originally developed by Swedish industry in the 1950s and ‘60s.

They are still primarily used in the Nordic region, although they are slowly but surely spreading to other parts of the world.
Some of the benefits of pallet collars:


Only wood and iron are used to make pallet collars, ensuring a product that gives value for money.

Pallet collars circulate between different companies and are used several times each. If the right kind of fitting is used, with the right thickness and high quality of wood, pallet collars can last up to 15 years.

The ideal scenario is that the recipients of the pallet collars re-use them for their own transport. If not they can be collapsed, loaded onto a pallet in large quantities and returned to the original sender. Low volume means low-cost return freight.

Using a whole or half pallet and only using as many collars as required ensures good transport economy, as no more packaging is used than necessary.

Transport protection and ergonomics

A sturdy construction of 20 mm thick wood and iron fittings makes the packaging strong and tight. The contents are protected and held firmly in place.

The pallet collar is a relatively light packaging compared to iron cages and other types of container.

Pallet collars are ergonomically sound when loading and unloading, as their height adapts as required.

Environmental considerations

The constituent materials in pallet collars are environmentally friendly and have less impact on natural resources, as they are used for many years. A worn pallet collar can also be broken down into its component parts and burnt or melted down.

Pallets with collars can be easily stacked, thus enabling loading space on lorries to be utilised efficiently. Loading is also fast.

The low weight and collapsibility of the collars rationalise transport, thereby reducing fuel consumption in the chosen freight solution.

Stock management

The same packaging can be used from initial packing, during transport, at the warehouse and for delivery to the end user.

This makes for safe, efficient handling with less risk of damage, injury and wastage.


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